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Best and Worst Home Upgrades

Money put into a home often does not equal money earned when selling a home, in fact very few home improvements earn back their cost when your home is sold. To a degree the value of a improvement depends on the nature and location of the home but there are a set of general rules you can follow to help earn the most from home improvements for those living in London Ontario Canada or Middlesex County.

 Best Home Improvements


  • Kitchens and Bathrooms. Kitchens and Bathroom are a safe best as long as its not too ornate and expensive. Especially in older homes, these improvements tend to add value to a home. Stay away from anything personal or ostentatious, you may love your granite counter tops but cannot expect buyers to pay extra for them.

  • Roofs and windows. Roofs and windows are expensive to replace, and buyers expect these to be in good condition. Unfortunately, that means that while replacing them won't dramatically increase resale value, not replacing them could significantly decrease it.

  • Hardwood floors. Especially on the main floor, hardwood is perennially popular with buyers. If your floors are refinished but worn, have them lightly sanded and resealed. If they're very beaten up consider replacing them.

  • Wood Deck. Wooden decks allow home owners to enjoy their yards more, as well as make your home seem larger. Home owners who have added a wooden deck sell their homes for significantly more.

Worst Home Improvements


  • Pools and Indoor Hot Tubs. While pools and hot tubs can be fun, they are considered by many to be just expensive, energy-guzzling extras.

  • Turning a three-bedroom into a two-bedroom home. Even if that third bedroom is miniscule, it’s still a bedroom. No matter how spacious your newly enlarged master bedroom or how luxurious that new spa bath, the demand for two-bedroom homes is significantly smaller than for three-bedrooms, and they command considerably lower prices. 

  • Garage conversions. Garage conversions can give homeowners much needed space, but buyers like having garages, so converting this space usually won't increase value.

  • Cheap laminate or vinyl tile flooring. Some types of laminate are attractive and practical; others just look cheap and fake. Especially avoid peel-and-stick vinyl tiles or be prepared to replace them when you put the house on the market.





Published Tuesday, March 19, 2013 10:57 AM by Jim Straughan



Anne Bourne (StagingWorks) said:

Jim - I agree that sellers often struggle with which home improvements make sense to tackle before they list, and which really don't.  We did two posts on this recently - for the home improvements that yield the best  for the home improvements that yield the worst return


April 4, 2013 4:10 PM
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