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First Time Buyer Information

The fact that you're on this web site shows that you're inclined to use the Internet for research for property or  home buying information, most likely for London or St Thomas, Komoka, Kilworth Ontario, Canada or the Middlesex and Elgin counties area. If you're considering buying your first home ,a new home or investment property you may be wondering where to start.

This is the best place to start ! 

Why ?

  I will answer your questions in a direct, truthful and professional manner.

 I have 22 years  experience as a Broker, I welcome you to compare my experience ,education and accomplishment with any of my competitors.Check out my linked in (I have over 1500 connections) profile for more information about me .

I  understand and utilize the latest technology  coupled with a strong work ethic  to find you the home or property you are looking for with the least  amount of stress and wasted time.

 I explain  the real estate game to you as if you are an insider so you can maximize your self-interest.  I have no time or need for BS .

 I have access to lenders that other realtors do not . I can help you get a mortgage  for the  lowest possible interest rate, help clean up damaged financial situations, help with low to no down payment buying programs, rent to own, private lenders and programs to help pay off your mortgage quicker and save you money.

  I have an extensive network, of connections for home repairs, insurance, mortgage brokers and everything related to real estate to save you time and money .

 I guarantee my work with a written guarantee  in my buyers contract.

 I offer buyers rebates  starting with half of my net commission  earned on your behalf as your buyers agent.(call for details  & conditions)

To help you with some basic information and to help you to get to know me(Jim Straughan) I'm putting together some free information and links to help get you started on your first home buying journey.

                        Strategies For First Time Home Buyers - Getting Started


                                                   Table of contents(click here)


1, Answers to some frequently asked questions

2. Glossary of common real estate terms

3. Diagram of the financing process

4. Canada mortgage and housing(CMHC) premiums and fees

5. Land transfer tax information

6. Estimated buyer cost worksheet

7. House hunting worksheet

8   Much more to come , so check back for updates and additions ! As always feel free to e-mail or call and I'll answer any real estate related questions you may have .

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